Digimon Journey Episode 19: Launch Date, Preview, and rather more!


Digimon Journey Episode 19: It’s an anime collection with a storyline coming from a fantasy style. The protagonist of the present,  Eyesmon who created a pretend Tokyo within the digital world resembling the actual Tokyo, was the last word Digimon Orochimon. Orochimon will get defeated by Taichi and Yamato. All of the sudden out of nowhere, mysterious countdown strikes each the worlds of the pretend in addition to the actual Tokyo. The countdown period is of 9 hours leaving everybody astonished whereas Izzy notices that the facility is returning to their world.

Within the pretend Tokyo, Taichi and his group observe electrical sparking which takes place in the actual Tokyo as effectively. Izzy talks about this phenomenon referring that it’s taking place in every single place. They uncover that these large quantities of power circulate are flowing into pretend Tokyo from the world. Because the countdown decreases rapidly a brand new villain seems Nidhoggmon who’s a Mega Digimon that defeats the last word Digimon.

When will the Digimon Journey Episode 19 launch?

Digimon Journey Episode 19 will launch on October 11, 2020, on Sunday at 9:00 AM based on the Japan Customary Time. The most recent episode of the Digimon Journey anime drops weekly each Sunday.

Digimon Adventure Episode 19

What occurred in Digimon Journey Episode 18?

Within the earlier episode, we noticed the countdown to be ticking repeatedly and the villain, the Nidhoggmon retains turning into stronger and warmer.  That can trigger Tokyo to be annihilated and Taichi together with Agumon find yourself the catastrophe. Nidhoggmon fires a laser from his eyes attacking Taichi and Yamato who manages to dodge efficiently. Izzy reveals that the rely down is left with solely two minutes. Agumon is shipped to tremendous evolution by Taichi and evolves to Greymon. The next episode had scenes of battle between  Garurumon and Nidhoggmon whose power is rising because the countdown runs. Izzy reminds them that just one minute is left.


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