Listing of high 10 greatest Will Smith films


Will Smith movies

Will Smith is a well-known American actor, rapper, and producer. Will has nominated for about 5 awards and has gained 2 academy awards and Four grammy awards. Listed below are the highest 10 films of will Smith.

1. Males in Black

Will Smith

The film was launched in 1997. The film was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. It is without doubt one of the eye-popping blockbusters. You possibly can watch it on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon. The film has additionally received an Oscar.

2. Six Levels of Separation 

The film was launched in 1993. It is without doubt one of the greatest workpieces of Will Smith. The film was starred by younger Will Smith as the place he performed the function of Paul. You possibly can watch the film on Amazon and iTunes.

3. Independence Day

The film was premiered in 1996. Pilot Will Smith makes a direct hit with this Roland Emmerich tentpole launched on, sure, July 4. With aliens attacking planet Earth, the aviator should defend his household, the president. You possibly can watch it on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, and AMC.

4. Unhealthy Boys

Will Smith

This wonderful workpiece was launched in 1995. Within the film, Will Smith was paired with Martin Lawrence. The film might be watched on Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

5. Ali

Ali was premiered in 2001. It’s a biopic of boxer Muhammad Ali. It may be watched on iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, and Youtube.

6. Unhealthy boys for all times

Will Smith movies

Charismatic Smith and Martin Lawrence, 55, reteam for the third outing within the bromantic collection about Miami P.D. unfastened cannons. It was premiered this yr solely. And might be watched on iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Fadangonow, and Amazon.

7. I Am Legend

The film was launched in 2007. It’s directed by Francis Lawrence. You possibly can watch it on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and Fubo.

8. Enemy of the State

Will Smith movies

Enemy of the state was launched in 1998. Smith carries the motion lead reverse the good Gene Hackman.

9. I, Robotic

The film was launched in 2004. It’s based mostly on Isaac Asimov’s quick story.

10. The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith

A 2006 iconic film. The collection has additionally gained an Oscar award.


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